Al Arabi oil has been in the Saudi market for more than 40 years, communicating one single minded message:
“Crunchy from the outside, soft and tender from the inside”
مقرمش من برة.. طري ولذيذ من جوة
This strong functional benefit is well established in the minds of consumers, especially the older moms. However, we noticed that in all the previous campaigns, the message has always been communicated at a functional/product level. And whenever we talked to the mom, it was still about us, never about her.
The challenge was to give the platform more depth and connect with the target on an emotional level.
So we did further digging into our target audience and we found a genius insight.
A mother has a great skill that allows her to switch from (tough to soft) with her kids in no time, depending on what the situation requires. She can be strict and firm... Yet, lenient and loving, almost at the same time.
So, the millennial Saudi mother is: crunchy from outside yet, soft from the inside.
A perfect link between the brand and the nature of the mom.
Advertising Agency: IMPACT BBDO, Jeddah
Client: Savola
Brand: Al Arabi
Year: 2020
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