A good night’s sleep means beautiful dreams. But when mosquitoes disturb our sleep, our dreams can easily turn into nightmares. 
Based on the above insight, the VAPE 12-hour protection radio ad narrates the glamorous life of a red-carpet diva envied by women and desired by men. She’s beautiful, ravishing and famous. As this amazing scenario rolls out, an annoying mosquito sound interrupts the narration…zzzzzzzzzz….And the scene becomes ironically embarrassing for our diva who tumbles and tears her dress while receiving her award! From Diva to Nada! The mosquito turned the ultimate dream into the worst nightmare! But with VAPE 12-hour protection, we say: Keep Dreaming.
The Diva

The Legend
Advertising Agency: Impact BBDO, Beirut
Client: Food & Drug Corporation
Brand: Vape Mosquito Mat
Published: January 2015
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