I had the honor to be part of one of the most iconic TV commercials in Saudi Arabia, “056 Wel Bagi ma Tgha’eir”, which became part of the local lingo

Launch Radeef service. A service targeting STC customers whereby they can retain their number when switching to Mobily.
People are reluctant to change their numbers. They feel its part of their identity.
“Targeem” is one of the techniques Saudis use, to hook up, especially in malls. We took this fact and built our concept around it. The result was overwhelming. The TVC become an instant hit and it reached an iconic status, because of its simplicity & clarity of message. The line “056 wel bagi ma tgha’eir”, became part of the local vocabulary in Saudi Arabia.
Advertising Agency: Impact BBDO, Riyadh
Client: Mobily
Title: 056 Wel Bagi ma Tgha’eir
Year: 2005
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