24 June 2018 was a historic day for Saudi Arabia as women were allowed to drive for the first time after the ban was lifted.
Every brand wanted to capitalize on this historic day and ride the wave of Women Empowerment. However, there was a lack of authenticity and value in most of the campaigns.
The thinking…
As we get closer to the big day, the topic of Women Driving will probably be the only thing people talk about.
Kids, teenagers, men of course and the media.
What will this create?
Its gonna make women feel that they have a BIG responsibility.
Nobody performs well under pressure.
Most people see "pressure situations" as threatening, and that makes them perform even less well. 
Big Idea
Create a movement that rallies the people of KSA to share the responsibility of Women Driving through different acts of support.
It’s our sisters, mothers and wives that will be driving.
We want people from all ages and segments and especially MEN to encourage women to drive and make them feel that we are all one. Hand in Hand, we will defuse the pressure.
The film became the talk of social media among influencers, marketing professional and the target audience. It was admired and loved for its authenticity and relevance which led to millions of views and organic shares. It was also discussed as a case study in local advertising universities, such as UBT.
Advertising Agency: IMPACT BBDO, Jeddah
Client: Meem Digital Bank
Year: 2018
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