Buckle Up. Live.
A Public Safety Initiative by Okaz 
FACT: Car Accidents in KSA are amongst the deadliest in the world…
Study shows that deaths decreased by 14% with seatbelts on
Because writing about the dangers of driving without a seatbelt was simply not enough for people to realize the urgency of the matter, we linked seatbelts to life and portrayed them as the thin line between life and death.
We used newspaper ads, indoor posters, outdoor posters and pullout cards with different messages in Arabic & English split into two parts and a seatbelt buckle-up linking both parts. Unconnected, the first part read a sad message, yet when connected to the second part through the seatbelt, the complete sentence would reveal a happier, life-celebrating meaning. This clearly suggested that the use of seatbelts is an easy way to preserve and cherish one’s life.
Mena Cristal Awards 2014: 1 Gold - 2 Silver - 1 Bronze
Dubai Lynx Awards 2014: 3 shortlists
Unconnected: Let their gathering be full of grief
Connected: Let their gathering cheer you up

Unconnected: Your future is over
Connected: Your future is a sea of opportunities

Unconnected: Have a taste of poison
Connected: Have a taste of samboosa

Unconnected: Embrace your parents with sadness
Connected: Embrace your parents with bliss
Advertising Agency: Impact BBDO, Jeddah
Client: Okaz Organization for Press & Publication
Published: January 2014
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