In Saudi Arabia, reckless drivers cause thousands of car accidents, mainly at night.
With Coffee Shops and their affiliated Drive-Thru branches mushrooming across Saudi Arabia, Bon Café wanted to raise awareness about the brand in an unconventional way that could set them apart from the competition.
So we decided to advertise coffee differently, giving it a rational benefit and a social role, by delivering 2 messages:
1- Bon-Café provides convenient drive-thru coffee
2- Coffee keeps you awake
Thus our message: Drinking coffee while driving keeps you focused enough to avoid accidents.
Consuming coffee was no longer about good taste only but also about doing the right thing. To communicate this, we meticulously designed posters featuring a vigilant eye symbolizing the driver vision, which could lead to a catastrophe if it BLINKS.
The campaign grabbed attention and successfully communicated the message in an engaging way. Most importantly, we were able to position the brand as a pioneer in advertising coffee as a rational choice rather than an emotionally triggered urge.
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