The unique attribute of Abu Sumbalatein Rice is it's "light on the stomach" feel. Rice is typically known to be heavy and cause drowsiness after consumption. However Abu Sumbulatein Rice is a product that does not cause consumers to suffer the same consequence of regular rice. With a better mouse trap, we came up with a powerful creative platform to communicate this differentiation. The typical industry norm is to build on "lightness" with images of "feather" "floating" or "flying". We opted to pull away from the cliches of "light" and dig deeper on a more emotional and relevant insight. The relationship dynamic of a father and his children and how a simple change in behavior can help avoid the situation.
We did two clutter breaking executions to communicate the product promise. The campaign hugely impacted afterwards the awareness of the brand and the local advertising rulebook of the category’s communication.
Enjoy the show ;-)

Making of
Advertising Agency: Promoaction DDB, Jeddah
Client: Abu Sumbulatein Rice
Year: 2012
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