Those who have never experienced Ramadan in Saudi Arabia might expect food sales to drop during this month as people fast most of their day.
Well in reality, food & beverage consumption in Ramadan is higher than any other month. However, and just like other soda drinks, 7up has not been invited to the table yet, still perceived as too modern to accompany an "Iftar".
So the challenge was to get 7up onto the table along traditional Ramadan refreshments like juice concentrates. But that was not easy because Ramadan is deeply rooted in heritage and traditions, and Saudis are accustomed to breaking their fast in a specific ritual that is hard to change. So 7up needed to become part of that ritual.  
Big Idea
We started by looking for the missing link between traditions and modernity. And there it was: "Mixology"! Inspired by the brand's promise: “Feels Good to be you”..
"Mixology" consisted of creating new original Ramadan drinks by mixing 7up with different concentrates that we matched with traditional Ramadan dishes!
The Film

Case Video
Advertising Agency: Impact BBDO, Jeddah
Client: Pepsi Co. (7up)
Published: August 2015
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