Sarhi's lifelong passion for music led him to become known as DJ Sarhi. However, his love for music is rivaled only by his fondness for graphic design, a fascination sparked by his childhood experiences at his father's printing press. This passion drove him to join the advertising industry at 18 and build a successful career, making him the youngest member of the BBDO network.
Countless nights were spent honing his design skills, learning from VHS tapes of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator courses in 1997. Intrigued by the art of persuasion and storytelling, he quickly taught himself to design ads, select colors and fonts, and retouch visuals.
As a Palestinian raised in Lebanon, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, with roots in India, Sarhi developed a unique ability to embrace cultural differences and detect human insights, transforming them into powerful stories. This distinctiveness earned him recognition in brainstorming sessions, and by 26, he made history again as the youngest Associate Creative Director in the network.
He has earned over 20 international and regional awards/shortlists in Cannes Lions, Clio, New York Festival, Dubai Lynx, Mena Cristal and Effie.
His skillset continued to evolve, with a growing knack for presentations that put him in front of Forbes' most powerful Gulf region CEOs, selling full-fledged campaigns and mega pitches.
Having traveled the world, worked with multinational agencies, and collaborated with diverse creatives, Sarhi developed a unique approach to spotting talent, building teams, and fostering stimulating work environments.After a 20-year journey filled with accomplishments, Sarhi decided to break free from the limitations of the big corporate system to start his own Online Advertising Network in 2021 (Freebirds). Thanks to the global pandemic which made him realize that 'change' is an opportunity to do things differently.
Seeking new adventures and evolving is in his DNA, but he does it with a twist: "The only way forward is inward."
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